Flandria introduces Coeur de Pigeon

Coeur de Pigeon, a mini tomato with a rounded, sweet flavour, has recently joined Flandria Specialty Street. This attractive product is available between April and late November. It is definitely going to be a commercial success.

The small, tasty tomato
Coeur de Pigeon is a new variety of tomato in Flandria Specialty Street. It is a small mini tomato with an elongated shape and a weight of 10 to 12 g. The tomatoes are harvested loose. The mini tomato has a very high brix value (9). ‘The tomato has been extensively tested in various taste trials at home and abroad, and is unanimously rated as delicious’, confirms Raf Heylen, Supervisor of Sales at the Malines auctions.

The new product fits into the further diversification of the Flandria range of mini tomatoes. A wider variation goes hand in hand with top quality. Harvesting still meets the same strict standards as the other Flandria tomatoes. They combine environmentally sensitive production with uniform and perfect quality and traceability. This year, the area under glass is 50 ares.

Via intermediaries
Flandria Coeur de Pigeon, like all products from Flandria Specialty Street, is marketed by mutual collaboration between the Flandria auctions, so that demand can always be met.

Coeur de Pigeon has been available since March loose at the auction in plastic pots holding 200 grammes or 3 kg loose in a tomato crate. The supply period runs from mid-April to late November. The Flandria auctions are expecting some 4000 kg per week.

‘Everything that is produced is sold via intermediaries and is therefore available to order. In commercial terms, there are already a number of set programme with customers for the 2010 season’, explains Raf Heylen.

For the trade, this original little tomato offers two further advantages: its attractive, original shape and its long shelf life. Flandria Coeur de Pigeon is undoubtedly set for success in stores this summer.

www.specialtystreet.be carries full details and pictures of all specialities in the Flandria range.

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