For 10 years now BEST-select has been bringing innovative novelties to

In horticulture innovation is of great importance. Both the consumer and the manufacturer are constantly looking out for new and improved plants and cultivars. The development of “sound and attractive” innovations, however, requires a great deal of time, knowledge and scientific research. BEST-select is a collaboration of 20 Belgian tree nurseries and is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. Over the course of these 10 years BEST-select has released no less than 14 strong cultivars onto the market!

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BEST-select is a collaboration between some 20 Belgian tree nurseries, which releases high-quality innovations onto the market. This collaboration was spawned 10 years ago from a scientific research institution called ILVO – or Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research. ILVO has particular expertise in the field of plant breeding and resistance to disease. This is why sustained focus has always been placed on the development of highly resistant, durable innovations which attract the consumer by virtue of their appeal. And this expertise shows in all 14 BEST-select innovations: durable and resistant cultivars.

Today the range consists of 14 magnificent and high-quality garden plants with extraordinary resistance and striking appeal. These cultivars include shrubs, ornamental trees and garden roses. In order to highlight the quality of the range, each BEST-select plant is given a unique plant label. This label ensures uniformity and enhances the recognisability of the entire BEST-select range. Maintenance Due to the particular resistance and enhanced durability of these innovations, they require minimal
maintenance. Therefore, the range can be described as the ideal plant mix for any garden enthusiast, but also for public green spaces and landscaping applications.

Consumer orientation
BEST-select brings garden plants to the marketplace which garner great satisfaction from the consumer. The BEST-select range is offered and sold to the consumer via the usual channels and is supported at the sales point by Point of Sales materials (posters, flyers, promotional tags, …). BEST-select also provides a beautiful, tri-lingual website with appropriate consumer information:

BEST-select is proud to present to you the 10 most important breeding and innovation realizations:

A strong range of garden roses was developed which is internationally acclaimed not only for its floral beauty but also for its resistance. All roses were provisionally awarded major international prizes, including a significant nomination for TOPROOS (NL) for Jacky’s Favorite and Rivierenhof.

Additionally, a striking duo of hydrangeas has seen a successful launch. Hydrangea Pinky-Winky has seen commercial success all over Europe, which is a matter of well-earned pride for the BESTselect members. Meanwhile licensing contracts have been concluded in Germany and Poland. In the US and Canada as well, protection has been requested by a leading tree nursery. Last year saw the baptism of Mega Mindy, which is also the subject of great expectations.

The Malus Appollo and Red Obelisk are sound additions to the range of ornamental trees for both larger gardens and public green area plantation, but also for smaller city gardens, patios or balconies. The Ligustrum Green Century and Hibiscus are two ornamental shrubs with highly specific applications.

Please find an overview of the 14 realizations resulting from 10 years of BEST-select at

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