ID’Flor in yellow and blue

Dendrobium ‘Winter Beauty’®
This Dendrobium ‘Winter Beauty’® is striking for its yellow flowers and long, elegant flowering branches. The flowering period is from November to March, and under cool conditions (6-16 ° C) this orchid guarantees more than 6-8 weeks of flowering pleasure. Higher temperatures up to 30° C are tolerated, but will shorten the flowering period. This Dendrobium ‘Winter Beauty’® has a delicate fragrance, is easy to care for and will bloom again the next winter. In the meantime it provides ornamental foliage. Outside the frost period this new product comes into its own outdoors on the terrace, as it is both rain and wind resistant. Finally, the Dendrobium ‘Winter Beauty’® is suitable for both light and dark places.

Agapanthus Emotion d’Ete
This compact and very richly flowering agapanthus variety is blue in colour. It blooms continuously, producing new stems from late May to early October.

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