Inspiration prize for azalea marketing concept: ‘Queen Of Flowers®’


During FLORALL there was also the award of the new “Inspiration Prize for Ornamental Plant Grower of the Year’ 2012 to the azalea company run by Mario Naudts and to his Queen Of Flowers®. The jury described this company head as a quality manager with a passion for his product. This was evident not only in several aspects of the business management such as the well-considered Queen Of Flowers® marketing concept, but also in the personnel policy and in aspects of sustainability. As a result, the jury decided to award them this new trophy and thus reward this distinctively inspirational business story. The jury hopes that this will in turn inspire other ornamental plant businesses.
The striking ‘Queen Of Flowers®’ marketing concept proves that azaleas suit every interior. The site, available in nine languages, offers care tips and inspirational photos for indoor and outdoor decoration. Its success resides in simple but stylish combinations packaged in suitable colours.

Mario Naudts’ idea has been rewarded on previous occasions, most notably with the innovation prize of the Flemish Azalea Association and the Aalsmeer Market Award in the added-value category.

The Ornamental Plant Grower of the Year initiative is organised by AVBS and its international counterpart AIPH, with the support of VLAM (the Flanders Agricultural Marketing Board), Navex, KBC, Acerta, SBB and Innovatiesteunpunt.

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