‘Muses of Alloro’: a Flemish laurel in every aspect

Laurus nobilis is the great speciality of the Devriese-Luyssen ornamental plant nursery. The ‘Muses of Alloro’ concept focuses extra attention on the varying qualities of three striking laurel cultivars.

Thalia is a Laurus Angustifolia that is hardier than normal. With its narrow willow-like leaves and fresh, light-green colour, it makes a pleasant change amidst the other pot and patio plants.

‘Bay Junior’ is marketed as Polyhymnia and is ideal for topiary. This is because this well-filled and compact variety grows more slowly and has smaller leaves.

Lastly, Urania turns the spotlight on the golden-yellow leaves of the Laurus nobilis ‘Aurea’. This charming cultivar grows slightly more capriciously than the ordinary Laurus nobilis.

For more info: Devriese-Luyssen – geert@sierplant.be – www.laurus-nobilis.be

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