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Studies and Advice

The results of both in situ and lab tests form the basis of geotechnical studies and advice. The geotechnical aspect (role and behaviour of the soil) of the infrastructure designs are put to study. Problems regarding bearing capacity, stability and deformation, … of the soil are solved based on calculations using advanced models and expert judgement.

      At the request of the client, geotechnical consultancy is provided during the design phase of the project, and the drafting of specifications is verified for the geotechnical aspects.
      GEO also advises the customer during the execution of works (start meeting and relevant site meetings) and supports him in his contacts with the contractor.

      On request GEO gives the customer geotechnical advice and performs geotechnical studies related to:

      • Bearing capacity and foundations
      • Geotechnical design of earth-retaining structures
      • Stability studies of embankments and excavations
      • Groundwater flows (including dewatering) and pumping tests
      • Settlement calculations