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Bridges, quay walls, dikes, tunnels, they must be sustainable, economical and safe. This requires an appropriate investigation of the subsoil. The Geotechnics Division (GEO) has the task of investigating the nature and characteristics of the soil and to predict its behaviour. Geotechnical tests and measurements are carried out in the field and in the laboratory to investigate nature, stratification and characteristics of the soil. Our division invests in innovative technologies such as advanced testing and online monitoring.


A continuous quality policy is the guiding principle for the activities of the Geotechnics Division. GEO is ISO9001 certified for its entire range of services. Furthermore, GEO is ISO17025 accredited as a testing laboratory to perform electrical and mechanical CPT, borings with sampling, standard triaxial tests, compression tests, Proctor tests, permeability tests with constant head, determination of density and water content.

In addition to the complete documentation of its testing activities, this includes sustained competency management and continuous follow-up of nearly 2,000 measuring instruments.

More about our Division

Geotechnics corporate video​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Partner of DOV

GEO is one of the 3 partners of the Database of the subsoil of Flanders (DOV). This project valorizes the geotechnical, geological, geothermal, hydrological and pedological data in Flanders. The data collected on the soil in Flanders are made available free of charge. DOV opts for an open data policy and operates in accordance with Flemish decrees and international agreements. You can find more info at

Find our building

Our building is located on the Technology Campus Ardoyen (Tech Lane).

The following link shows how you can travel to the Park: Tech Lane - By Car(opens in new window)

Once you have entered the site, you need to take a parking ticket in order to pass the barriers. Go straight ahead at the roundabout. Then take the first exit to the right.

Our location in Routeplanner (Google Maps)(opens in new window) is Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 68, 9052 Gent, België.

The entrance to the Geotechnics Division is located on the site between the two buildings in front of the barrier in the direction of Tramstraat.

When parked at the building, you can find the entrance to the left of the bicycle storage shed.