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    Traffic information about roads in Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia and abroad


    The website of the Flanders Traffic Control Center (only available in Dutch) offers live updates of traffic information. This includes traffic congestion, accidents and road works on all major roads in Flanders. This information is presented to you on a map, with a text description, and with camera footage. You will also find an overview of predicted traffic flow disturbances caused by on-going road works.

    • By subscribing to Spitsmail (only available in Dutch), you will receive customized road traffic information for the chosen time in your mailbox. You can be kept updated about the roads and itineraries of your choice. ‘Spitsmail’ is a free service.
    • (only available in Dutch) is the ideal website if you want to have an overview of the road traffic situation on a smartphone or any other mobile device.
    • You can also follow the ‘Verkeerscentrum’ on Twitter.
    • It is also possible to find updates of the road traffic situation in the metropolitan area of Antwerp on the homepage of


    Information about the traffic situation on major roads throughout Belgium is available:

    • On the radio
    • On the road traffic site of the VRT (estimated travel times and predictions of the morning and evening peak traffic times; only available in Dutch)

    On the Brussels Mobility website you will find the road traffic information of the roads inside the Brussels-Capital Region (only available in Dutch and French).

    On the quadrilingual website ‘Trafiroutes’ you will find road traffic information of the roads in the region of Wallonia.


    To find foreign traffic information, you can consult the websites of all the foreign traffic information centers on the website of the Flanders Traffic Control Center.


    Verkeerscentrum Vlaanderen (Flanders Traffic Control Centre Division)

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