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    Flanders in transition. Priorities in Science, Technology and Innovation towards 2025

    This report presents a concise overview of seven priority transition areas for Flanders with a time horizon up to 2025: Digital Society 2025; Food 2025; Health and Well-Being 2025; Smart Resource Management 2025; Urban Planning, Mobility Dynamics and Logistics 2025; New Energy Demand and Delivery 2025; and Society 2025. These areas are the result of an intensive foresight process by the Flemish Council for Science and Innovation, involving over 230 stakeholders from industry, research, government and civil society. Starting from the grand societal challenges, each transition area presents a number of science, technology and innovation priorities, creating the business opportunities of tomorrow. These transition areas should be used as a source of inspiration by stakeholders, both in Flanders and abroad, to establish promising clusters.

    Flanders in transition

    Vlaamse Adviesraad voor Innoveren en Ondernemen - VARIO
    Publication date
    November 2014