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    What do we (not) know about informal help in Flanders? A proposal for closing statistical and knowledge gaps

    An exploratory study of the knowledge and knowledge gaps regarding informal help was set up. This paper contains the main results of the exploratory study published in a report in Dutch. It concentrates on three key questions. First of all, what data are required for a qualitative and reliable monitoring of informal help in Flanders? Secondly, which sources already contain information about informal help in Flanders and which knowledge gaps can be identified? Thirdly, how can identified gaps, if any, be closed? When answering the research questions, two types of informal help are discussed, namely informal care and care volunteers. This focus mainly had a pragmatic reason, namely that not all types of informal help could be researched within the time frame of this study.

    What do we (not) know about informal help in Flanders?

    Departement Welzijn, Volksgezondheid en Gezin
    Publication date
    March 2018