Building professionals and the government currently have to resort to foreign environmental classification systems to acquire an insight into the Environmental Performance of Materials used in Buildings and Building Elements (in Dutch: MMG: Milieugerelateerde Materiaalprestatie van Gebouw(element)en). However, often the tools and information involved are not transparent and/or not specifically related to the Flemish-Belgian building context. This publication proposes a database of environmental profiles of 115 variants of building elements, all of which are specific for the Flemish-Belgian building context. It offers an open and transparent presentation of the MMG method of determination that was used as the basis for the calculation of the environmental profiles. Although the resulting building materials methodology is far from final, it is a dynamic model (including a determination method) that will be fine-tuned and expanded in the future. In that context, this publication should be perceived as a communication tool to facilitate the dialogue with stakeholders (architects, material producents, proprietors) in the future.
Publicatiedatum Mei 2013
Publicatietype Rapport
Thema's Afval , Bouwen en verbouwen