The report presents the invasion scenarios and management strategies for Belgium developed for this exercice, not only for assessing feasibility of species eradication but also their spread limitation. Scenario & strategy writing were performed by the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO), National Scientific Secretariat on IAS (NSS), le Départment d’Etude du Milieu Naturel et Agricole - Service Public de Wallonie (DEMNA) and the Belgian Biodiversity Platform (BBPF). The species accounts present the current species distribution and summarize data on their invasion history and current management in Belgium (invasion scenario). For species that are not present in the territory, the scenario described is an imaginary but theoretically realistic invasion scenario taking into account pathways, entry points, habitat and detection threshold of the species. We then drafted realistic management strategies for eradication and spread limitation. Spread limitation strategies were categorized based on species distribution extent: limiting species presence to a single or a few patches, containment of populations in core area(s), elimination of the most dispersive populations or maintenance of pest free areas. We hope the invasion scenarios might provide topical information on the Union List species and their situation in Belgium.
November 2019
Natuur en bos
T. Adriaens, E. Branquart, D. Gosse, J. Reniers, S. Vanderhoeven