The purpose of design, and particularly eco-design, is always value creation. The OVAM SIS Tookit is an instrument that provides guidance towards integrating sustainability principles in innovation and design processes, to create sustainable value. SIS stands for 'Sustainable Innovation System'. The OVAM SIS Toolkit is NL/EN. For more information about the OVAM SIS Toolkit, visit The OVAM SIS Toolkit is free but shipping costs will be charged for orders outside of Belgium. Neighbouring countries: 17.40 Euro per toolkit, other countries within the EU: 24.60 euro per toolkit. Orders outside of the euro zone are not possible.

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Publicatiedatum Mei 2012
Publicatietype Leidraad
Thema's Innovatie , Duurzame ontwikkeling , Afval
Doelgroep Studenten, Scholen, Docenten, Bedrijven