In view of the EIA for a potential second tidal dock near Doel, the Saeftinghe dock, the working group MONA LISA defined three research topics to fill in the knowledge gaps needed for this EIA. One of the topics was the influence of wave impact on tidal mudflat and marsh morphology of the Galgeschoor and the relative influence of wind and ship induced waves. This was studied by INBO (Research Institute for Nature and Forest), and FHR (Flanders Hydraulics Research) commissioned by the Port of Antwerp. The conclusion of this study was that increased hydrodynamics in front of the tidal marsh edge facing Deurganck dock since 1990 coincided with subtidal and intertidal morphological changes, yet no direct link or ausality with waves or ship movements could be found.
Publicatiedatum November 2019
Publicatietype Onderzoeksrapport
Thema's Natuur en bos
Auteur(s) Alexander Van Braeckel, Jean-Philippe Belliard, Dieter Meire, Frank Van de Meuter, Alexandra Silinski, Stijn Temmerman, Sieglien De Roo, Gerasimos Kolokythas, Yaïr Levi, Tjeerd Bouma, Erika Van den Bergh
Reeks Reports of the Research Institute for Nature and Forest 2019 (48)