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Mobilidata is a programme set up to boost cooperation between public and private actors. Mobilidata is Flanders’ spearhead project to leverage the breakdown of information and organisational silos: a vital step to accelerate update of C-ITS applications.

Mobilidata consists of 7 projects by which the programma intends to provide a solution for the typical mobility challenges that Flanders is faced with: improving road safety and reducing both congestion and emissions.

The programme is in line with the Strategic ITS action plan of the Flemish government, as part of the development of a Flemish multimodal strategic action plan for intelligent transport systems. This action plan and vision builds around 5 core values:

  • environment
  • safety
  • efficiency
  • social inclusion
  • quality.

Six strategic clusters are identified and developed that guide and steer the effective execution of the Flemish ITS action plan: connected and cooperative automated mobility (CCAM), Multimodal Traffic Management 3.0 (MTM3), Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Smart Maintenance and Physical Internet. This plan has a clear vision for 2030 and 2050 and will guide Flanders to a smarter, safer, more efficient and more environment friendly transport system.

Mobilidata will realise a sustainable digital data infrastructure which is of utmost importance to support the development and roll-out of C-ITS applications, policy support applications and dedicated hardware such as intelligent traffic light controllers (iVRI). This infrastructure should also pave the way for the introduction of autonomous vehicles in Flanders. The data infrastructure (see figure below), is highly dependent on a sound public-private collaboration. The public parties are, among others, responsible for:

  • a clear formulation of public policy targets and use cases
  • providing support for various analytical and strategic actions and decision-making activities
  • the facilitation of the development of a data infrastructure
  • and the stimulation of the integration of data into (commercial) C-ITS products.

From the market side, responsibilities can be identified insofar (commercial) C-ITS products (i.e. cloud service and/or consumer applications) are built and exploited, public data is integrated in products and a constructive and active dialogue is initiated with the public parties.