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Accreditation as a training institution that offers continuing education to EPB reporters

EPB reporters are required to attend several hours of continuing education each year to maintain their accreditation. Only training courses taught at accredited training institutions count as continuing education.


In order to be accredited as a training institution by the Energy and Climate Agency of Flanders (VEKA), training institutions are required to meet at least the following requirements:

  1. Have instructors who are knowledgeable about the energy performance legislation and who are tasked with shaping the content of the continuing education.
  2. Have a complaints handling procedure in place as well as a system for evaluating the continuing education. The application for accreditation is to provide a brief description and information on the approach.
  3. Have a plan of action in place for organising a continuing education offer for reporters.

A training institution must also be independent from manufacturers and installers.


The institution can apply for accreditation as a training institution that offers continuing education to reporters in three steps.

  • Step 1. The training institution develops one or more training courses that comply with the Ministerial Order.
  • Step 2. The training institution sends the ‘Erkenningsaanvraag als vormingsinstelling voor het geven van permanente vorming’ form by registered post, against receipt, to:
    Vlaams Energie- en Klimaatagentschap
    Erkenningsaanvraag Vorming EPB
    Graaf de Ferrarisgebouw - 7de verdieping
    Koning Albert II-laan 20 bus 17
    1000 Brussel
  • Step 3. The training institution submits the complete application file (above form + attachments) in digital form by e-mail to, with ‘Erkenningsaanvraag Vorming EPB’ as its subject line to enable VEKA to swiftly process the application.

As applications for accreditation involve the exchange of personal data, the provisions of the Privacy Act and of the Act of 8 August 1983 instituting a State Register of Natural Persons (WWR) must be complied with. To that end, the institution requires a safety consultant and a safety plan.

After approval of the planned approach the training institution notifies VEKA of the training courses it provides.


Ministerial Order of 8 December 2018