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    Declaration of death

    A declaration of death is the registration of the death of a person by the civil registrar of the municipality where the person has died.


    The death of a person must be reported as soon as possible to the civil registrar of the municipality where the person has passed away.

    • The time of death is pronounced by a GP or a hospital doctor. He or she will then proceed to issue a death certificate.
      • If the person died at home, please inform the GP or a doctor on duty.
      • If the person died in a hospital or another healthcare facility, the person in charge in the facility will issue the death certificate.
      • In the event of a fatal accident, the police will establish a police report in the presence of a doctor.
    • Next, the death must be registered as soon as possible with the civil registrar of the municipality where the person has passed away.
      • Usually, the undertaker will take care of the death registration and all other administrative formalities. It is up to you to decide if you prefer to do it yourself.
    • The civil registrar establishes a death certificate. This document is an official proof of the death. This document also gives you permission to proceed to the burial or cremation of the deceased.

    Do not forget to also inform the following people or institutions about the deceased:

    • the bank
    • the notary
    • the insurance company
    • the National Health Service / the Health insurance fund
    • the pension service
    • tax services
    • the homeowner
    • water company
    • gas and electricity supplier
    • ...

    Is a foreign death certificate valid in Belgium?

    A foreign death certificate is valid in Belgium provided that it was issued by the relevant authority in the standard format used in that country. Where necessary, the foreign death certificate must be translated by a sworn translator and be legalised.


    For the registration of death, you must bring the following documents with you:

    • the death certificate issued by the doctor
    • the identity card of the deceased person
    • the identity card of the declarant
    • the marriage certificate of the deceased person
    • the driver's license of the deceased person
    • the last will of the deceased person (optional).

    In case of a suspicious or violent death, you will have to bring the following additional documents with you:

    • the police report established by a police officer
    • the authorization for burial or cremation issued by the Senior Crown Prosecutor.

    For more information, please contact your local register office.