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Rehabilitation agreements

The Department of Care concludes rehabilitation agreements for psychosocial and physical rehabilitation with various settings. These settings receive allowances from the Department of Care for the rehabilitation services they offer. To this end, they invoice the services performed to the health insurance funds of their care users.

Amending or terminating a rehabilitation agreement or applying for a new one

Rehabilitation settings may submit an application to change the content of the agreement (e.g. to add a new target group or new types of treatment) or to enter into a new agreement. They may also ask for the agreement to be terminated. The Flemish authorities may terminate the agreement as well.

Applying for an allowance for rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation settings receive allowances for the rehabilitation services they offer their care users. The amount of these allowances is set out in the rehabilitation agreements they conclude with the Flemish authorities.

If a rehabilitation setting wants to treat a care user, it may apply for an allowance for rehabilitation services. This application is made to the health insurance fund of the care user to pay the costs of the rehabilitation service.

Recalculating the fixed allowance 

Rehabilitation settings receive an allowance for the rehabilitation services they offer. They apply for these allowances with the care user’s health insurance fund. The amount of the allowance for their rehabilitation services is set out in their rehabilitation agreement.

The fixed amount may be recalculated to take into account:

  • indexation: when the trigger index number is exceeded, the Department of Care will take it upon itself to recalculate the fixed allowance

  • increased labour costs due to seniority: have the labour costs at your setting increased due to the rising seniority of your staff, resulting in the actual labour cost being at least 1% higher than the share of staff costs included in the fixed allowance? If so, you may submit an application to the Department of Care to have your fixed allowance recalculated.

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