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Many children attend childcare from a young age.

For babies and toddlers there are family-based and group childcare settings.

For schoolchildren too, there is a wide range of out-of-school childcare possibilities.

Types of childcare

Family-based childcare is a small-scale form of childcare with on average 4 children (maximum 8) and usually 1 childcare worker.

Group childcare is a larger-scale form of childcare with on average between 9 and 18 children and several childcare workers.

Schoolchildren have access to family-based childcare or group childcare. In some cases, schoolchildren are cared for together with babies and toddlers, while in other cases childcare settings take in schoolchildren only.


Most childcare settings charge a means-tested fee: a price based on your income and the composition of your family household.

You will need a ‘means-tested fee’ certificate for this. You may request this certificate via Mijn Kind en Gezin (in Dutch)(opens in new window) and hand it in to the setting before the childcare starts.

Some childcare settings decide their own fees. Not all costs are included in the fee.

Enquire at your setting as to what their fees are.

More information (in Dutch)(opens in new window)

Childcare supplement

If you are paying a fee for childcare which is not means-tested, you qualify for a childcare supplement.

This supplement is automatically awarded, without you having to do anything.

The childcare supplement is one of the supplements granted under the Groeipakket, formerly known as child benefits.


Under certain conditions, you may enter your childcare costs as a tax deductible (in Dutch)(opens in new window).

Addresses of childcare settings

You can look up addresses of childcare settings on the website of Kind en Gezin (in Dutch)(opens in new window) (Child and Family Agency). You can also ask the local authorities, and certain Huizen van het Kind (Children’s Centres), the Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training (VDAB), the public social welfare centre (OCMW), etc.