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Working in childcare

Want to work in childcare? You can do so as a manager or supervisor or as a childcare worker. In most cases, you will need a qualification. If you already hold a professional qualification which you obtained in an EU Member State, you will need to have it recognised in Flanders.

Working as a manager or supervisor or a childcare worker

  • The manager or supervisor (verantwoordelijke) for a childcare setting organises the day-to-day operation of the childcare setting and is the primary contact for the Zorginspectie (Flemish Care Inspectorate), Kind en Gezin (Child and Family Agency) and the parents.
  • The childcare worker (kinderbegeleider) instructs, cares for and supervises the children.

Professional qualifications and certificates for childcare staff

By 2024 at the latest, everybody working in childcare must have appropriate qualifications. There is an exception for people who can provide proof of adequate experience.

If you are an EU Member State national or equated therewith and you obtained your professional qualification in an EU Member State other than Belgium, you need to have your qualification recognised.

  • Last revision 22/07/2021
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