• You are a national of an EU Member State or equivalent. Equivalent persons are
    • nationals of Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein
    • family members accompanying the EU citizen to Flanders
    • long-term residents
    • recognised refugees.
  • You have obtained a professional qualification in an EU Member State, which allows you to perform the profession of a child care worker/supervisor in your country of origin.


You want to settle permanently in Flanders

The Agency will send you a confirmation of receipt no later than one month after receipt of the application. This is followed by an examination and possibly an adaptation period or an aptitude test. Within 4 months of the receipt of your complete application, the Agency will make a decision.

You want to come to work temporarily in Flanders

If you already work as a child care worker or supervisor in your country of origin and you want to work in Flanders temporarily, you have to send a written statement to the Agency Opgroeien. You can use the form ‘verklaring tijdelijke en incidentele dienstverlening’ (statement of temporary and occasional services) (Word file) for this purpose. The form also lists the documents to be attached, such as proof of nationality and proof of your professional qualifications.

The Agency will send you a reply no later than one month after receipt of the form and documents. In some cases, you will still need to take an aptitude test.


Anyone who wants to work in childcare for babies and toddlers, but is not a European citizen or did not obtain the diploma in Europe, must have their diploma recognised by NARIC Flanders.

  • Last revision 03/02/2022
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