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CEF Transport Calls - General enveloppe

Projects that are carried out in Flanders or Belgium can only submit a project proposal under the grant calls of the general envelope. That budget is next to the so-called cohesion envelope, which provides a higher co-financing percentage for countries where the gross national income per inhabitant is below 90 percent of the EU average.


Your project must fit under one of the following grant calls:

  • Projects on the core network (CEF-T-2023-COREGEN): rail, maritime, inland shipping or multimodal terminals
  • Projects on the comprehensive network (CEF-T-2023-COMPGEN): rail, maritime, inland shipping or multimodal terminals
  • Smart and interoperable mobility (CEF-T-2023-SIMOBGEN): ERTMS, ITS, SESAR, RIS, improving interoperability, innovation…
  • Sustainable and multimodal mobility (CEF-T-2023-SUSTMOBGEN): Motorways of the Seas and Multimodal Passenger Hubs
  • Secure mobility (CEF-T-2023-SAFEMOBGEN): road safety, infrastructure resilience, border controls and secure car parks

In addition, there is also a subdivision between studies and works or a combination of both in separate topics.

Project duration

Under the CEF2 2023 Transport calls, costs are eligible from the date of submission of the project proposal. The end date can not be later than 31 December 2028.

In addition, the total duration for studies projects should not be longer than 2-3 years. For works and mixed projects, the foreseen duration should be 4-5 years maximum.


Your project proposal will be assessed on the basis of 5 criteria:

  • Priority and urgency: does your project fit within EU transport policy priorities, are there synergistic elements with other sectors,…
  • Maturity: does the foreseen timing seem feasible, have steps been taken towards implementation,…
  • Catalyst effect: to what extent can the co-financing lead to an acceleration/improvement of the project,…
  • Quality: is the project proposal clearly described and does the proposed implementation and management of the project seem realistic?
  • Impact: on a social and economic level, but also on the environment and climate.


CEF 2023

The 2023 General call for proposals was launched on 26 September 2023. Applicants should submit their proposal electronically via the Funding & Tenders Portal before 30 January 2024 at 17.00 CET.