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Fayat scholarship eligibility criteria

Candidates with a master’s degree from a university or university college in Flanders can qualify for a Fayat scholarship to continue their studies at an international top institution. Here you can read all about the Fayat scholarship eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates are eligible for a Fayat scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  • The candidate obtained a master’s degree at a university or university college in Flanders no more than 3 years before applying for a Fayat scholarship.
  • The candidate achieved excellent study results during the master’s programme.
  • The candidate speaks and writes excellent Dutch.
  • The candidate wants to study at one of the selected top institutions. The candidate is admitted to the programme at the time when the Fayat scholarship is awarded.
  • The candidate is not receiving any other scholarships for the studies they will follow. They may, however, apply for other scholarships, but if another scholarship is accepted, they can no longer claim a Fayat scholarship.
  • The candidate has the Belgian nationality, or has a national registration number or BIS number.

Post-award expectations

Fayat scholarship students are expected to contribute to the international network of Flanders.