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What do the procedure and content of validation standards look like?

A validation standard indicates which methods are appropriate to assess the competences from the professional qualifications and determines the preconditions for a high-quality assessment. The validation standard provides guidance to future validation bodies  for the development of validation instruments.

How are validation standards developed and approved?

Validation standards are drawn up according to an established procedure. The Agency for Higher Education, Adult Education, Qualifications and Study Grants (AHOVOKS) coordinates the creation of validation standards. A development committee will be established for each validation standard or cluster of validation standards. This committee is made up of education and training providers, sectors or community organisations.

The validation standard is submitted to the Education Inspectorate and the Flemish Social Inspectorate for advice. The validation standards relating to professional qualifications from level 5 to 8(opens in new window) are submitted to experts in consultation with the Flemish Council of Universities and Colleges (VLUHR).

The validation standards are approved by Ministerial Order.

In the development of validation standards, the catalog of assessment methods is used for the choice of assessment methods.

Procedure for approval of validation standards

  • Stap 1

    The Flemish Government determines the professional qualifications for which validation standards are to be developed

  • Stap 2

    AHOVOKS prepares the validation standards

  • Stap 3

    Education and training providers, sectors, organisations and AHOVOKS develop the validation standard

  • Stap 4

    The Education Inspectorate, the VLHUR and the Flemish Social Inspectorate advise on the validation standard

  • Stap 5

    Ministers responsible for education, for coordination of training policy and for professional training approve the validation standard

  • Stap 6

    Recognised validation bodies develop the validation instruments

What validation standards are already in place?

There is a list of validation standards available on this page in Dutch.

What validation standards are in the pipeline?

There is a list of standards in the pipeline available on this page in Dutch.

How do I express interest in a new validation standard?

New validation standards are developed annually. A survey of various stakeholders is conducted on a regular basis. Do you have another suggestion for a profession for which a validation programme would be interesting? Please complete the Selection of new validation programmes form (in Dutch)(opens in new window) or let us know at

Validation standards can only be developed when a professional qualification(opens in new window) is already available. You can find all available professional qualifications in the qualifications database (in Dutch)(opens in new window).

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