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Field testing

An in situ investigation program consists basicly of a set of cone penetration tests, when necessary completed with borings for soil sampling.
Dependent on the geotechnical problem other specific test can be carried out (field vane tests, infiltration and permeability tests, plate loading tests, …).

Cone penetration testing (CPT)

Electrical cone penetration tests consist of pushing a cone penetrometer, using series of push rods, into the soil at a constant rate of penetration. During penetration internal load sensors measure cone resistance and sleeve friction, every 2 cm. GEO performs different types of cone penetration tests:

  • Electrical CPT
  • Mechanical CPT
  • Piezocone CPT with dissipation tests
  • Seismic CPT


When performing borings soil samples are brought to the surface. The nature of the samples (sand, clay, loam, peat, etc.) can be assessed by experts. The Geotechnics division performs different kinds of borings:

  • Borings with discontinuous sampling
  • Borings with continuous sampling
  • Core drilling
  • Borings with piezometer tubes.

Other field tests

Special site tests are sometimes required to gain further knowledge of the soil characteristics. GEO performs vane tests to determine the undrained shear resistance.

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