Everybody can participate in the examinations of the Secondary Education Examination Board. Age, nationality and previous qualifications do not matter.

If you are still of compulsory school age, you must:


Information session

Watch the online information session (in het Nederlands) ((opent in nieuw venster)) about the Secondary Education Examination Board.


After you have watched the online information session, you can enrol (in het Nederlands). You can choose from a varied range of courses (in het Nederlands).

Planning examinations

Once you have paid the enrolment fee, you can plan the examinations (in het Nederlands).


Depending on your education history, you may be eligible for an exemption (in het Nederlands).

Subject matter and learning materials

The Secondary Education Examination Board does not organise any lessons, which means you have to self-study. The subject matter is laid down for each subject in subject sheets (in het Nederlands) ((opent in nieuw venster)). Read more about the subject matter and the learning materials (in het Nederlands) for sitting examinations before the Examination Board.

Sitting examinations

Examinations take place in the Brussels examination centre. Read more about sitting examinations (in het Nederlands) before the Examination Board.

Results and examination board meeting

You will receive your results (in het Nederlands) within a month of your examination. There is no fast-track procedure. If you have sat all the subjects of your course, an examination board meeting (in het Nederlands) (Dutch: deliberatie) will be held. If you passed, your diploma or certificate will be sent to you.


The enrolment fee is 33 euros.

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