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Final report on the PFAS contamination

The PFAS commissioner was appointed by the Government of Flanders in June 2021 to bring coordination and communication to the approach to the PFAS problem. The original 1-year term was extended by 7 months, and by the end of December 2022, the PFAS engagement holder presents several clear results. Concrete measures were taken to solve the problem situation around 3M and the Oosterweel works. And the basis was laid for a better Flemish approach to the environmental and health effects of chemical pollution. 

We have started the turn towards a more sustainable policy on substances of very high concern. I am confident that the Government of Flanders, led by the many experts and in close cooperation with science, will continue this process towards a model with (more) sustainable production and sustainable consumption steadily and with ambition.

Karl Vrancken

PFAS Commissioner

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