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How to become a private employment mediator

Who is eligible?

  • Belgian as well as foreign agencies
  • Natural persons, legal persons and de facto associations.

Zonder erkenning:

  • recruitment and selection agencies
  • executive searchers
  • head-hunters
  • outplacement agencies
  • artist agencies
  • websites and other media that publish vacancies and CVs.

Met een erkenning:

Met een registratie:


The various levels of government each regulate the conditions for private job placement according to their own authority.

  • The labour law aspects fall under the competence of the federal government.
  • The Government of Flanders is authorised for the regulatory framework. The conditions can be found in the Belgian Official Gazette.

The conditions also apply for job placement agencies that are not based in Flanders but do operate in Flanders.

Temporary employment agencies are subject to additional obligations.


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