File a written appeal

Notify the Flemish Minister for Work by letter that you are filing an appeal against the refusal of your professional card. Send your letter to this address:

Department of Work and Social Economy
Registrar of REOV (Council for Economic Research on Foreigners)
Koning Albert II-laan 35 box 20
1030 Brussels

Appeal procedure

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    Once the Minister has received your appeal, he will request advice from the Council for Economic Research on Foreigners.

    The Council for Economic Research on Foreigners is a body independent of the administration. The Council is chaired by a magistrate or a lawyer and consists of civil servants who represent the departments in question.

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    The Council for Economic Research on Foreigners investigates your file. It may also invite you to come and defend your interests at a hearing:

    • you may be assisted by a person of your choice
    • if you are unable to attend, you may only be represented by a lawyer. What if this is not possible for you? Then you have the right to request a postponement of the hearing.
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    The Council will issue a recommendation about your file to the Minister within 4 months. If the Council does not agree on a recommendation, the Minister alone decides.

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    After those first 4 months, the Minister still has 2 months to reach a decision concerning your file. What if the Minister has not made a decision after that period? There are 2 options:

    • either the Council's recommendation shall be accepted as a decision
    • or your appeal is dismissed. This is also the case if the Council fails to give a recommendation.
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    The decision concerning your file will be communicated to you. What if your appeal is dismissed? You can submit a request for cancellation with the Council of State. Do this by registered letter within 60 days of being informed about this decision.

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