The training centre must be recognised to be allowed to organise the examination for technicians recovering certain fluorinated greenhouse gas-based solvents from stationary equipment.

To be recognised as a training centre, the training centre must fulfil:



  • Applications must be submitted to the Territorial Development, Environmental Planning and Projects (Dutch: Gebiedsontwikkeling, Omgevingsplanning en -projecten/GOP) Division of the Department of Environment and Spatial Development (Dutch: Departement Omgeving). The training centre can submit the application via the online recognition desk of the Department of Environment and Spatial Development. ((opent in nieuw venster))
  • The Department of Environment and Spatial Development may carry out on-site visits to check the available teaching equipment.
  • Decision: the leading civil servant of the department shall reach a decision on whether or not to recognise the training centre within 90 days of submission of the complete application.

Validity period

Recognition as a training centre is granted for an indefinite period.


No fee is payable for the recognition application.


Flemish regulation on environmental recognitions (Vlaams reglement inzake erkenningen met betrekking tot het leefmilieu/VLAREL).

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