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Transferring your recognition as temporary employment agency

What if your temporary employment agency has a license but you want to transfer your activities? Report this

  • at the latest 10 days after the transfer;

Content of the notification

This notification must contain the following details:

  • if the transferee is a legal person: the articles of association or a copy thereof. You can obtain these articles of association from your notary.
  • the name and address of the natural person who is authorised to represent the agency.
  • 1 or more certificates of good conduct of the business manager(s) and the authorised representative(s) of the agency. You can request these from your municipality.
  • CVs and other documents proving that the transferee's professional manager meets the conditions of professional expertise:
    • the transferee has at least 3 years of professional experience at management level in the temporary employment sector.
    • the transferee has a Master's degree or equivalent, and has at least 10 years of professional experience in the temporary employment sector, in human resources or in corporate policy matters.
  • a certificate from the office of the FPS Finance in your region showing that the transferee does not owe any overdue tax, fines or interest.
  • a certificate from the National Social Security Office showing that the transferee is not in arrears with contributions, penalties or interest. The NSSO refers to this certificate as C450.
  • the details relating to the changed capital structure, if applicable.
  • proof showing that the transferee is not in arrears with overdue sums, fines or interest owed to the Fund for Subsistence.
  • the certificate proving that the transferee has paid the surety of 75,000 euros to the Social Fund for Temporary Agency Workers.

Written confirmation

You will receive written confirmation when the Service Cheques and Temporary Employment Service has received your notification in good order.

  • If your file is complete it is sent to the Advisory Committee for Temporary Employment Activities within 30 days.
  • If your file is not complete or unclear, the service will ask you for the missing information or the necessary clarification. If you do not provide this information within 3 months, your request will be dismissed.

Negative recommendation

What if the Advisory Committee gives a negative recommendation? The decision may then be that the agency must submit a new application for recognition.

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