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Validity period of the license of temporary employment agencies

Recognition of a temporary employment agency is normally for an indefinite term. However, recognition with a fixed term may be granted in some cases.

Indefinite term

In principle, the license is granted for an indefinite term. This means that a license only needs to be applied for once (except in the case of additional activities).

Fixed term

When there is doubt as to whether the agency fulfils the conditions, a license may be granted for a fixed term if the Commission makes this recommendation. This license:

  • Is valid for at least 1 and at most 4 years.
  • Shall be converted automatically into a license with an indefinite term unless the advisory committee invites the agency to a hearing within three months prior to the expiry of the period of the license. The committee may then recommend to:
    • Grant a new license with a fixed term
    • Revoke the recognition
    • Replace the current license by a license for 6 months. During this period, the agency shall once again be required to provide evidence that the conditions for recognition are fulfilled.
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