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    Study grants in higher education

    The costs associated with education can be quite high. In order to ensure that everyone has access to higher education, the Flemish authorities provide a study grant in some cases.


    In order to obtain a study grant, certain conditions must be met:

    • Nationality
      You must be a Belgian national. If you are not a Belgian national, you or your parents must have lived in Belgium for some time and must be working, or have already worked in Belgium.
    • Income
      The decision to award you a study grant depends on, amongst other things, your family situation and your income. This includes your salary as well as, for example, any benefits and alimony payments you may be receiving.
    • Educational institution and study programme
      • ​​​​​​You must follow a recognised study programme at an institution that is recognised, financed or funded by the Flemish Community. You can consult the Higher Education Register (Hogeronderwijsregister) to find out if this is the case for you. Some study programmes are not eligible for a study grant. Specific conditions apply to studying abroad. Specific conditions apply for studying abroad.
      • Your study programme must lead to a diploma.
      • You must still have sufficient study grant credit.


    If you think you are eligible for a study grant, please submit your application.

    • You can submit your application for a study grant online.
    • You can also choose to apply on paper. You can obtain the application form at your educational institution or order it by calling the free number 1700. You can also download the application form below.

    If you would like to have more information and guidance, please contact the student services of your educational institution.


    The amount of the study grant depends on different factors. These factors include, amongst others, your family situation, your study programme and wether you attend a boarding school or not.

    It may take some time to process your application. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can apply to receive an advance on your study grant.

    More information


    Aanvraag van een school- of studietoelage voor 2017-2018. Formulier

    Met dit aanvraagformulier kunnen ouders van leerlingen in het basisonderwijs en het secundair onderwijs en studenten in het hoger onderwijs van hetzelfde gezin een school- of studietoelage aanvragen voor het school- en academiejaar 2017-2018. Hulp nodig bij je aanvraag? Kijk op, bel gratis 1700 of ga naar het schoolsecretariaat of de studentenvoorzieningen.


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