Junior and Senior Research projects

The objective of the FWO’s Research projects is to advance fundamental scientific research. This happens on initiative of the researcher in all scientific disciplines.

Research project Kom op tegen Kanker

In the context of the ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ campaign, the FWO has a yearly budget of €800,000 available (overhead included), to support patient-oriented research projects with a specific scope.

Research Projects Red Nose Day

In the context of “Red Nose Day” the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) provides up to €950,000 of funding in support of two-year research projects on “young people with mental health problems.”

SBO (Strategic Basic Research) projects

The Strategic Basic Research (SBO) programme focuses on innovative research which, if scientifically successful, will create prospects for economic or societal applications.

TBM (Applied Biomedical Research with a Primary Social finality) projects

In the long term, the TBM programme aims at contributing to the implementation of (new) therapies, diagnostic techniques and preventive methods, which, without government funding, would not make it to the patient due to a lack of industrial interest.

EOS Research project

The EOS-programme wants to promote joint research between researchers in the Flemish and French-speaking community by funding joint fundamental research projects in any scientific discipline.


The Odysseus programme supports outstanding researchers who have built up a career outside Flanders. The programme provides start-up funding in order to develop a research group within a Flemish university or to set up a research line and become progressively more involved in the Flemish research establishment.

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