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Work permit – Managerial staff

A foreign managerial staff member can come to work in Flanders under certain conditions. Their future employer can apply for a work permit for them. 

Conditions for working in Flanders

Foreign nationals who come to work in Flanders must first receive permission to work. This obligation applies to everyone apart from a few well-defined categories of foreign workers.

A foreign, highly skilled worker who does not belong to one of these well-defined categories and therefore requires a work permit can work in Flanders if they meet the conditions below.

Someone is considered to be a managerial staff member (see article 17,2° of the Government of Flanders Order) if they:

  • lead or manage the organisation;
  • are responsible for the day-to-day direction of the organisation;
  • supervise the work of subordinate employees;
  • are authorised to represent the employer and make binding decisions or actions.

The employer can request a work permit for a managerial staff member if the annual gross salary of the managerial staff member amounts to 160% of the average gross annual salary in Belgium; in 2021, the managerial staff member earned at least 69,648 euro. This amount will rise to 72,154 euro in 2022.

Which work permit is required?

As an employer, you apply for permission for your future employee to work. The procedure and the documents that you need will differ depending on the duration of their appointment. Are you applying for permission for the first time? Or are you renewing a permit? This makes a difference too.