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Work permit – Vocational training as part of a sales contract

Under certain conditions, a foreign national who is following vocational training as part of a sales contract can work in Flanders. In these cases, their future employer needs to apply for a work permit for them.

Conditions for working in Flanders

Foreign nationals who come to work in Flanders must first receive permission to work. This obligation applies to everyone apart from a few well-defined categories of foreign workers.

If the foreign worker follows specific training in a Flemish company as part of a sales contract, does not belong to one of these well-defined categories and therefore requires permission to work, they can work in Flanders if they meet the conditions below.

The foreign employee (see Article 17,19° of the Government of Flanders Order):

  • has an employment contract with an employer in a country outside Belgium.
  • is following specific professional training in a Flemish company. This training:
    • is described in a training agreement that has been added to a sales contract between the Flemish company and the employer
    • lasts no longer than 6 months.

In this case, the employee is seconded to the Flemish company to undergo training. The training is a result of a sales contract the employer entered into with the Flemish company. This stipulates that the Flemish company sells a product or service, providing training to use the product or service.

Which work permit is required?

As an employer, you apply for permission for your future employee to work. The procedure and the documents that you need will differ depending on the duration of their appointment. Are you applying for permission for the first time? Or are you renewing a permit? This makes a difference too.