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Work permit - Shortage occupation list

As an employer, would you like to recruit someone whose profession is included on the shortage occupation list below?

What is a shortage occupation?

Shortage occupations are jobs for which the minister has recognised a structural shortage of manpower on the labour market; they’re also known as high-demand occupations. Every two years, a list of these occupations is by published in a Ministerial Order.

the current list (in Dutch)(PDF file opens in new window) is valid since 1 September 2023.

The new list was adapted to the current economic reality and labour market situation - it now contains 29 positions. The proposal was coordinated with the sectors and social partners (advice from SERV).

The following jobs were added to the list: drilling and pile driver, car coach driver, car coach driver, refrigeration technician, industrial sheet metal worker, plasterer-iron fixer, bricklayer, floor tiler/placer of wall and floor coverings, construction calculator and quality controller for mechanical and metal constructions.

The following positions were removed from the old list (before 14 september 2023): chef, installer of data communication works and rigger-mounted technician.

  • Since 14 September 2023, no new applications can be submitted for these three functions in the ‘shortage profession’ category. Such applications for these three functions should be submitted in the ‘other’ category;
  • applications already filed for these three functions, submitted no later than 13 September 2023, are still treated as a function on the old list of shortage professions;
  • existing authorisations for these three functions can be renewed by the same employer - even after 14 September 2023. After all, an employee’s current employment can always be continued with the same employer in the same function (renewal of admission to work in accordance with BVR 7/12/2018, article 11, §2, second paragraph). However, changing employers is not possible - even if the same position is renewed. Such renewal with another employer should therefore be submitted in the ‘other’ category.

Not a shortage occupation?

Does it look as though your job is not a shortage occupation? Submit your application for a work permit in the ‘Other’ category . Your application must demonstrate that it is impossible to find a suitable employee in the labour market within a reasonable period of time. The Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training (VDAB) will also examine the labour market.

Summary list of shortage occupations

This summary overview of shortage occupations shows the most important skills and tasks for each function.

If the function you are looking to fill is on this list, apply to us for a work permit for your future employee.