The Economic Migration Department is presently experiencing a major influx of applications. As a result, processing currently takes nine weeks.
Please take this timing into consideration when submitting your application.

Employer applies for a permit

For future foreign employees who are coming to work in Belgium for more than 90 days, the employer applies for a single permit with a fixed term.

The employer needs to collect the documents required for the application. The documents do not need to be originals; copies will suffice.

There are sometimes different conditions and procedures for each category. If the application is approved, the Immigration Office will issue a permit. This includes both the work permit and the residence permit.

Compiling the application dossier

Collect all the required documents in the order below for any 1 application.

Supplementary materials to include – per category

Depending on which category the employee belongs to, the employer needs to collect the following documents. This may result in deviations from the summary above.

Submit your application via the new, special service (since 31 May 2021)

The employer starts the procedure, collects the required documents and applies for the single permit via the new special service.


Would you like to renew a single permit? Submit your application to the Economic Migration Department at least 2 months, and at most 4,5 months prior to the expiry date of the permit.

Submit your application for renewal via the special service.

Include the documents below in your application. The documents do not need to be originals; copies will suffice.

  • The employee’s foreign identity card or the personal-detail page of their international passport
  • The employee’s Belgian residence permit
  • Proof (in Dutch) ((opens in new window)) that the employee has health insurance that covers all risks for them and their family members
  • The employer’s proof of identity, or that of their proxy or mandate holder
  • An employment contract if it is no longer the same as the one from the earlier period of employment
  • Payslips or wage statements from the period covered by the work permit, or an individual account if the employer worked for a full calendar year
  • Proof of enrolment in the Limosa Registry ((opens in new window)) if the employee is working on secondment.
  • If the employee is on secondment, include one of the following documents:
    • A declaration that the social security legislation of the employee’s country will remain in effect during the time they are working in Belgium
    • If there is no international agreement about social security: a declaration from the National Office for Social Security showing that the employee is not subject to the Belgian system for employees, because the conditions for this have not been fulfilled.
  • An attest signed by the (Belgian) employer, that includes:
    • the duration of the secondment
    • work and wage conditions during the secondment.

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