Indicators help to support biodiversity policy, but only reveal part of the story. The indicators in this Nature Report give an idea of the state of and trends in biodiversity in Flanders, describing the pressures involved and their effects on our ecosystems. They provide figures to underpin future choices concerning the conservation and restoration of biodiversity. However, our knowledge of biodiversity in Flanders is incomplete. The indicators show the state of and trends in the main natural or semi-natural ecosystems in Flanders, and only well-researched plant and animal species are discussed. Knowledge and indicators concerning genetic diversity, soil biodiversity or biodiversity outside protected areas are limited, and there is also little coverage of ecological processes. All these elements play an important role in the functioning of ecosystems and the services they provide us, but are not monitored sufficiently in Flanders to be included in this report.
Publicatiedatum Februari 2021
Publicatietype Rapport
Thema's Natuur en bos
Auteur(s) Anik Schneiders, Katrijn Alaerts, Helen Michels, Maarten Stevens, Peter Van Gossum, Wouter Van Reeth, Inne Vught
Reeks Mededelingen van het Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek 2021 (1)