The ‘Students Make the City Pilot Project’ is aimed at the provision of qualitative and adequate student housing, which takes into account the issues of combining student accommodation with other forms of housing and other urban functions. The Pilot Projects are an instrument developed by the Flemish Government Architect to acquire fresh insight into how spatial-social challenges can be tackled. Design research approached as a way of preparing policy is linked to the realization of pioneering projects. The development of new student housing must, after all, amount to more than simply satisfying a need. It must not limit itself to meeting the needs and the possibilities of an evolving group of residents and the specific problems related to the management of small-scale and temporary forms of accommodation. The partners that have teamed up for the Pilot Projects see the construction of new student homes as an opportunity to activate neighbourhoods, make public space, and promote shared housing and mixed-use programmes. In other words, the Students Make the City Pilot Project is aimed at buildings with added urban and social value. The goal is to complete three innovative Pilot Projects.
Publicatiedatum Mei 2016
Publicatietype Boek
Thema's Woonbeleid , Brussel