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Baekeland mandates

With Baekeland mandates, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship aims to give individual researchers the opportunity to carry out a PhD in close collaboration with business activity.


Baekeland mandates target researchers wishing to carry out a PhD project in close collaboration with business activity. Within this programme, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship aims to encourage the PhD student’s mobility, not only between the academic and industrial world, but also internationally. The Baekeland-programme is open to mandataries from all scientific areas, of all nationalities and all ages. Researchers who have recently graduated may submit a request, but also those who have been working in an enterprise for many years get the chance to do a PhD within the Baekeland programme, whilst also being able to continue working in the business.

Who is eligible?

A consortium consisting of (at minimum) a Flemish enterprise, a Flemish university and a PhD student.

What is it for?

Conducting a PhD project with added value for the enterprise.


On the one hand, a Flemish company is involved; this determines the strategic orientation of the project and ensures co-funding. On the other hand, a Flemish university is responsible for supporting and awarding a PhD in accordance with the usual quality standards. The enterprise acts as the chief applicant at Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Once approved, the enterprise is offered project-based support.

Financial advantage

50 to 80% of the staff and operating costs of the PhD student.