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Call Green Power

The Call Green Power is the Government of Flanders’ investment support programme for medium-sized PV installations and small- and medium-sized wind turbines. 

The Call Green Power is a competition format in which applicants bid for an installation. That bid is the ratio of the requested support to the expected energy yield. Bids are ranked based on cost efficiency. The best-ranked bids are paid out depending on the budget.

Through a Call Green Power, you can get support for:

  • PV installations with an inverter power greater than 25 kW
  • onshore wind turbines with a turbine power greater than 10 kW up to and including 300 kW

A call can consist of 1 or 2 sub-calls:

  • Sub-call 1: floating PV installations, PV installations on marginal land, PV installations in energy communities, PV installations on residential buildings, and small- and medium-sized wind turbines
  • Sub-call 2: all other PV installations
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