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Connection and disconnection to a water company

If you want to get a new water connection or a disconnection, please contact your water company. In the case of a move, the previous and the new resident can sign a form for the transfer of the water subscription.

New connection

Are you building a new home and want to get a water meter installed? Or were you unable to take over the subscription of the previous resident? Contact your water company(opens in new window).

For new connections, an inspection of the water pipes is mandatory


If you are not a client of the water company yourself, your landlord or the Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Sociaal Wonen (VMSW) probably is. You do not have to inform water company that you are moving, but the landlord or the VMSW must record your water consumption.

If you are a client of the water company yourself, let the water company know that you are moving and arrange a takeover of the subscription with the new resident. For your new home, you take over the subscription from the previous occupant in the same way.

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    Ask your water company(opens in new window) the document needed to transfer the water subscription.
    Usually, you can also find this document on the website of the water company’s and print it yourself.

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    On this document, you should mention:

    1. The leaving occupant’s data
    2. The meter reading
    3. The new occupant’s data
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    Both you and the new occupant must sign this document. Do not forget to check whether it is signed by both parties. Print two copies of the document.

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    Send one copy to the water company.

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    You will then receive a confirmation from the water company. The leaving resident will receive a final bill for his water consumption at your new address.


If you do not know the new resident or if they do not want to take over the water subscription, you should close the account. To do so, contact your water company(opens in new window).