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EPC Construction

Construction projects with a building application from 2006 onwards must comply with the EPB legislation. Following submission of the EPB declaration, your EPB reporter will provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate ‘Construction’ (EPC Construction) for the new construction or ‘deep energy renovation’ of a residential unit (house or flat) or a non-residential unit (office, school, etc.). 

This EPC Construction specifies whether your unit meets the EPB requirements and mentions the E-level (in Dutch), among other things. The E-level indicates how energy-efficient your unit is. The lower the E-level, the more energy-efficient the unit.


The EPB reporter draws up the EPC Construction no later than twelve months after either the date of completion of the works requiring permit or notification, or the date on which the house is put into use, whichever occurs first. In any case, the EPB declaration must be submitted no later than five years after building permission was granted (or the notification filed).

The EPC Construction is valid for ten years from the time the building is put into use. As of 1 January 2023, the validity period of the EPC Construction for non-residential building units is limited to five years.

You require a valid EPC Construction when you put a house, flat, office, etc. up for sale or rent.