You can contact the Support Plan Services if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You are under 65 years of age, or your disability has already been recognized by the VAPH (Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities).
  • You live in Flanders or the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • You (suspect) you have a disability.
  • You do not yet have a PersonalAssistence Budget (‘persoonlijke-assistentiebudget’ or PAB) or a Personal Budget (‘persoonsvolgend budget’ or PVB) or you do not yet use a multifunctional centre.


A Support Plan Service itself does not provide support, but can assist you for up to 12 months in

  • reinforcing your social network
  • identifying your questions, wishes, and worries
  • finding adequate support
  • designing a realistic support plan.

The guidance provided consists of conversations between you, a staff member of the Support Plan Service, and the people you would like to involve. These conversations can take place at your home or at a location near your home.

If the conversations with the Support Plan Service show you need more intensive and more frequent support, you can apply for a Personal Budget (PVB). The Support Plan Service can then draw up a support plan PVB with you.


Conversations with the Support Plan Services are free of charge.