The V-test (in Dutch)(opens in new window) compares the provision of all suppliers of electricity and natural gas in Flanders, customised to your needs, and gives an accurate indication of the price you will have to pay with the various suppliers. By way of information, the percentage of green power is also given for each provision. Green contracts are not more expensive than contracts for grey power.

If you have no idea of your consumption, the VREG conducts a V-test on the basis of an average consumption of electricity and/or natural gas.

The same comparison test can also be performed for businesses. Simply tick whether you are a household or a business. This test can be performed for an annual electricity consumption limited to 59,999 kWh and a natural gas consumption up to 149,999 kWh. If your company has a higher consumption, it is best if you contact various suppliers and request offers.

Using the service check, you can also compare the quality of service of various suppliers.

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