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Renovation loan with interest grant (for energy renovation following a purchase)

Anyone who buys a house or flat with a poor energy performance (E or F label) in Flanders and carries out energy renovations to that property within five years can take out a renovation loan from the lender in addition to the mortgage loan for the acquisition of the property. The Flemish authorities provide interest grants for this. 

The renovation loan can only be applied for if a mortgage loan (main loan) is also taken out to acquire the house or flat.

  • The renovation loan is mainly intended for energy renovation or the demolition and reconstruction of the property.
  • The maximum term of the renovation loan is 20 years and must not exceed the term of the main loan for the purchase of the property.
  • The amount you can borrow at a cheap rate depends on how energy-efficient your property will become.

You must pay the agreed interest on the loan in question to the financial institution where you took out the main loan and the renovation loan. The Flemish authorities reimburse you annually through the Energy and Climate Agency of Flanders (VEKA) in the form of an interest grant. Your financial institution will handle everything.

Five years after the date of the authentic deed of purchase of the house or flat, VEKA will check whether a new EPC exists proving that the intended energy label has been achieved.

Read more about the renovation loan with interest grant here (in Dutch).

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