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2022: a study to detect PFAS in blood

  • What? A study is being carried out in the region surrounding 3M that will give you the opportunity to find out whether, and if so, what quantity of PFAS is present in your blood. PFAS (Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are substances than can accumulate in the body. Having a large number of PFAS in your blood can pose a risk to your health. The blood test is free of charge and is being organised by the Government of Flanders.

  • Who is eligible? Anyone currently living in Zwijndrecht, Antwerp-Linkeroever or parts of Beveren and Kruibeke. Children can also be tested.
  • Why? You can find out how much you have been exposed to PFAS. That way, you will know whether you need to be extra careful to avoid further exposure. What is more, by taking part, you will be playing your part in expanding the available knowledge concerning the extent of PFAS in the region.
  • When? The blood samples will be taken in autumn 2022. The study will take place over a number of years. You will be contacted when it’s your turn to take part.

Sign up online!

Would you like to have your blood tested? If so, sign up online right away (in Dutch) ((opens in new window)). You can sign up using your electronic identity card (eID) or itsme. Using an eID, you can sign up several people (such as other members of your family).

Can’t manage to register online? Ask someone you know to help you or ask for help from your city or municipality.

Want to learn more?

Anyone currently living in this area is eligible.