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What is job placement?

Employment agencies bring employers and jobseekers together. They support employers in their search for personnel and help jobseekers find a job. There are private and public employment agencies.

Private job placement is not provided through public services but through private companies, unlike public job placement services.

Public job placement

In the Flemish Region, public job placement is organised by the public employment service of Flanders, VDAB(opens in new window). This job placement is free of charge.

Private job placement

Private employment agencies:

  • help employers find suitable employees
  • help jobseekers find a new job

Examples of private employment agencies:

  • temporary employment agencies
  • recruitment and selection agencies
  • executive searchers
  • head-hunters
  • outplacement agencies
  • artist agencies
  • sports agents
  • websites and other media that publish vacancies and CVs.

Collaboration between public and private employment agencies

The public employment service of Flanders, VDAB(opens in new window), cooperates with private employment agencies for some training courses and counselling.

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