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Register as a sports agent: who and how

Who must register?

Any company meeting the following conditions must register:

  • the company is engaged in private job placement for athletes who are currently being paid or will be paid in the future or on behalf of sports clubs with the intention of concluding an employment contract for paid athletes.
  • at least part of the company's job placement activities take place in Flanders

What is considered to be job placement?

All services performed by an intermediary that are aimed at concluding an employment contract. This includes a wide range of services. Examples include recruitment, scouting, negotiating the terms of employment or the transfer fee, etc.

How is an assessment made as to whether a job placement activity takes place in Flanders?

Registration is compulsory as soon as any part of the job placement process is linked to the Flemish Region. Some examples:

  • the agent has his registered office in Flanders
  • the agent represents a player who wants to transfer to a Flemish club
  • the agent represents a player who wants to transfer from a Flemish club to a different club
  • the negotiation talks are held in Flanders

How to register

Download the manual (in Dutch)(PDF file opens in new window) to help you with the registration process, and start your registration using this (only available in Dutch) web form.

The registration is valid immediately after sending the web form. You will receive a file number immediately by email. You will receive the registration number within five working days of registering. The registration may be suspended or revoked if it later transpires that you do not meet the registration conditions (such as the timely deposit of the surety) or have not respected the regulations.